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What do we do

01 / Technology consulting

We are passionate and experienced technological consultants.

We know how to take full advantage of information technologies to design solutions for large companies and administrations.

02 / Software development and IT solutions

We design, analyze and develop advanced software and technological solutions.

We work with multidisciplinary teams and manage projects in a professional and committed way.

03 / Marketing and innovation services

We help technology companies and startups to bring their products and services to the market. We know how to design business plans and market ICT solutions.

We are experts in innovation management and its application for the optimization of business processes.

Audentis Network
Audentis Network
Qué hacemos

How do we do it

We build
We build

We know how to design, build and manage technological projects, both software development and implementation of solutions and systems.

We apply agile methodologies, manage multidisciplinary teams, and are accustomed to working with large companies and clients with a high level of demand.

We market
We market

We have great experience in the commercialization of technological products and services for large companies and public administrations.

We are honest and establish business relationships based on trust and transparency.

We connect
We connect

Audentis has a network of specialists in different technological areas (development, design, mobility, systems, ...) and we act as a trusted third party for the connection and creation of business opportunities.

We work with the best experts for each project and client, and we look for innovation and talent wherever it is.

Cómo lo hacemos

For whom
we've worked

Some of our customers...

Santander Asset Management
Jardín Botánico
Mercedes Benz
Atlético de Madrid
Xunta de Galicia
Coordinadora Española de Polígonos Empresariales

Let's talk

Para quien trabajamos

We start up your project

We are specialists in building, managing and start up technology projects.

Let's talk!

Audentis Network

Jimena Fernández de la Vega 140

Parque Científico y Tecnológico

33203 Gijón (Asturias) Spain

Tel: (+34) 984 155 055


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